So, what’s on your mind?  Is it your family?

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We Believe in Life Insurance, Because We Believe in Love

We are talking about a truly selfless act.

What would your family’s tomorrow look like if you died today?

Think about it.  Where would they live? Are they moving in with family members?  Will they keep the house?

Can they afford the house without your paycheck?

What would they do for work?

If you have kids, do they stay in the same schools? Who is going to take them to soccer practice? Piano lessons?

Who is going to cook? Are they going to be eating out more? Will they need some professional help around the house?

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Families are impacted by tragedy every day

What are the Financial Prospects for a Young Widow?

Hint: Not Very Good.

Often times, when a husband gets fatally ill, a loving wife will put everything on hold to care for him. However, what are her job prospects after his death?  How will she pay the bills? Where will that family live?

Did you Know?

Social Security will not pay any survivor benefits from a working spouse who is now deceased until the spouse turns 60?

Even at 60, the widow only receives 75% of her deceased husband’s benefits. And – if that widow(er) is working, any income they earn over $15,120 will penalize that social security benefit.

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Life Insurance is extremely affordable

What price would you pay for peace of mind?

At last count, there are over 1,000 life insurance companies in the United States alone.  And they are all in a price war with each other for your business.

Let them compete.  With our help, you can find a life insurance plan to protect your family with the best rates in the land.


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Life Insurance is Simple

Remember your Vows.

When you took that oath, when you made that solemn vow, you vowed to honor. Cherish.

And Protect.  That protection, that love doesn’t end when your heart stops beating.

For the cost of a dinner out on the town, you can protect your family with life insurance.

It would be foolish not to.

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